Depositing – Hints and Tips

Declines can be very frustrating so we have compiled this list that will have you up and playing in no time.

Complete our two minute verification

Just visit this link and follow the on screen instructions. It is completely secure, will take two minutes and when you come back your next deposit will be approved!

Make sure your personal details are correct:

You can check the details we have for you in the cashier. Just press the ‘Cashier’ button on the deposit screen. Let us know if anything is incorrect.

Try a different card

If you are having trouble with your Visa, try a MasterCard or vice versa. If you are using a pre-paid or gift card, try using your bank issued card.

Try a different amount

While some of our processors can handle deposit of just $26 some will only accept deposits of $35 or more. Attempting a different amount may open up more processing options for you.

Don’t go crazy

Our automated systems may put you on timeout if you try too many times too quickly. If this happens the system will reset within one hour, or you can contact support and we can help you out.

Use Crypto

We accept BitCoin (BTC), LiteCoin (LTC) and BitCoinCash (BCH). If you have the crypto you are guaranteed an approval. It is also the fastest and cheapest way to get paid!

Contact Support

Our UK based support team are here for you 24/7 via email ( and Live Chat from the top menu (≡). Give us a shout and we will do what we can to help.